Crucial facts you must know before purchasing a used electronic device

Secondhand electronics can be a wonderful bargain. Electronic technology advances faster than ever, leaving most of us with devices that passed their prime, which we are more than eager to sell. That can give us also the opportunity to get a 2 or 3 year-old electronic for just the half of their initial price or even lower.

But we live in a wicked world and we can never be too cautious. So, there follow 5 crucial facts you must surely know before purchasing any kind of electronics.

1. Trouble-free booting

Ok, booting has mainly to do with PCs and laptops, but we are sure you understand the meaning of the term here: is the device you are interested fully operational?

That is actually more difficult to confirm when you are purchasing something via the Internet. If that’s the case, check for photos and see if the “operating mode” lights are on. Check the photos in the Google Image Search to confirm whether it is authentic or not.

In case you have the chance to see the product up close, check it as thoroughly as possible. If the seller seems to be in a rush or does not allow you enough time to check the device, run away. In addition, if you hear excuses of the sort “it just needs a new battery”, be extremely cautious.

2. Check if it’s genuine

That is rather important and can tell you a lot about the seller’s honesty and truthfulness. And authenticity does not include only the brand, but also the model – is it the one the seller claims it to be? Bear in mind, hastiness is never your ally when buying secondhand.

So, get to know as much as you can about the device before seeing it. Check the settings and verify the model.

The same applies to computers and laptops. If you are interested in a Windows PC, do not forget to check if it is a “Home” or a “Pro” edition.

3. Ok it works – but how does it look?

A working device does not instantly mean that you must buy it. Check its general condition – and by that we don’t mean scratches and minor discolorations. Below is a list of things you must examine carefully.

  • Power supply: this is particularly significant, including PCs, mobile phones and tablets. Check if the power cord is frayed and whether the outlet prongs are in good condition.
  • Ports: examine the condition of the device’s ports – HDMI, VGA, USB, Ethernet and so forth. Check for signs of burns or damage.
  • Fans: if the electronics you are buying have a cooling system, make sure it is working properly.
  • Battery: does the battery have any bulges, cracks or is it in any way deformed?
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: that is very important too, because Wi-Fi parts are not easily replaced. Check them by using a mobile device.

All these feature are of the essence, mainly because they hard to fix or replace. If you are keen on buying from the Internet, prefer reputable websites with as many favorable reviews as possible.

4. Its smell can reveal a great deal

Evidently, this hint is applicable only to in-person transactions. Bear in mind that, when it comes to food and electronics, the smell can tell you a lot.

Burnt parts breathe a weird, easily discernible smell that stays for months. No matter how faint it is, it signifies that at least one part of the device malfunctions.

Just remember this simple rule: if it smells bad, it probably is. Trust your senses and act accordingly.

5. When is the right time to buy?

All the above ensure the electronics you are buying are in good condition. But, if you want to get a genuine bargain, you have to pick the right moment to make your move. Below are a few useful guidelines.

  • Does it have obsolete connections? Actually, an electronic device is considered obsolete when it is not able to connect it with new devices.
  • Is it adequately fast? If you are to purchase a software device, check the system requirements of applications you would wish to use and compare them to what you think of buying.
  • Could its size pose a “threat”? Obsolete electronics are often larger than we are used, so make sure the size of the electronic device you want to buy is not too large for you to handle.