10 best used car options

Buying a used car can either prove a great deal, or a great blunder. In new models it is not difficult to check through reviews whether the price is fair or not. But in used cars, several factors and the lack of objective information makes the case a lot more difficult.

If you think about changing your car and lack the means to buy a new one, than a good place to start is knowing which secondhand cars are considered the best options in the auto market today.

Below, we have listed for you the 10 best used cars options for 2016, created after taking into account several factors, such as the manufacturer’s reputation, the model’s history, the original price, the price of services and spare parts, etc. We have also decided to categorize our options into certain car types.

1. Top secondhand supermini car Renault Clio

Renault Clio is renowned for its excellent handling and overall safety. Its relatively handy interior design gives you all the space you need. You can find it in affordable prices, depending on its age, previous use and model. Last but not least, its affordable consumption – just 1.5 litre of diesel per 100 kms.

2. Top secondhand hot hatch car VW Golf GTI MkV

Upon hearing the phrase “Golf GTI” instantly we recall the easily handled, highly reliable and efficient Volkswagen emblem. Some of the initial GTI’s are for sale on the market in extremely affordable prices. Its high quality interior is perfectly combined with the might of the 197 bhp 2.0 TFSI engine, which gives the car a 62 miles per hour velocity in just in 7.2’’.

3. Top secondhand estate car Skoda Octavia Estate

Its best trait is the price: you can get the famous and robust Skoda Octavia Estate in extremely low prices.

4. Top secondhand luxury car Mercedes S-Class

If you asked an auto market professional which is the best used luxury car in the market, you will surely get one answer: the Mercedes S-Class, and for good many reasons, among which its relatively low price. Luxurious saloons and brilliant construction quality in a great price – what else would you need from a secondhand luxury car?

5. Top secondhand coupe car Audi TT

This particular option – Audi TT has been the greatest in its category for two consecutive years. You can find some early models in extremely low – for this model – prices.

6. Top secondhand MPV Ford S-MAX

According to experienced car dealers, the first 1.8-litre Ford S-Max models are excellent bargains. With a consumption featuring a 45.6 mpg fuel economy and emissions of no more than 165 g/km, Ford S-Max is by far the best MPV option.

7. Top secondhand small family car Ford Focus

“Notorious” for its brilliant handling and impeccable design, the Ford Focus series easily ranks as the top small family car in our list. As for the price, it is already low, and will probably become even lower as soon as the next Ford Focus model appears. Its best trait the 89 bhp 1.6-litre TDCi diesel with a consumption featuring a 62.7 mpg and emission of 118 g/km of CO2 – thus minimizing yearly tax costs.

8. Top secondhand family car Ford Mondeo

Another excellent series Ford Mondeo and in very affordable prices – and you can find it everywhere. Spacious, relatively economical and robust, it will surely meet your expectations.

9. Top secondhand city car Hyundai i10

For a city car, Hyundai i10 comes in surprisingly low prices. Well-known for its sturdy build and for its advantageous mileage warranty, Hyundai i10 is surely your top used city car.

10. Top secondhand car BMW 3-Series

Reaching the top of the top, we have to conclude with the BMW 3-Series, and in prices that couldn’t go lower. The less luxurious models are even more attractive, mighty and beautiful and with surprisingly low fuel consumption. All models that were launched after 2007 are rather eco-friendly, with CO2 emissions that never exceed the 128 g/km.