How can I stop receiving SMS notifications from your website?

If you don't want to receive notifications any more by our SMS service please follow these instructions:

  1. You need to login to your profile page –

To login you can use:

  • your Google account;
  • your Facebook account.

If don't have one, you can register on page –

  1. In your profile you need to go to the profile settings page –
  2. On that page you need to confirm your phone number:
  • enter on the "Phone" field your mobile phone number;
  • save your profile settings;
  • after your profile is saved the system will ask you to confirm your phone number by clicking the "Confirm my phone".
  1. After, click "Send code" and you will receive an SMS from Cyprus Bazar with a four digit code.
  2. Enter the received code in the field and press "Accept code".
  3. After concluding your phone verification you will see that the check box "SMS Notifications" is automatically checked.
  4. Choose the option you need and click save.


In order to stop receiving SMS Notifications call at 80040520.


You have only 3 attempts per day to confirm your phone number for security reasons. Usually the SMS comes within 15 seconds.