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Gender Female

Age: 25 years old

Marital Status: Single

Children: No children

Country Of Origin: RUSSIA

Last Updated: 15/02/2016

Professional Experience

Working position - Office administrator, secretary,


 Real estate sales manager in Alex/polis akinita

Working position - sales manager \( 2010 - 2010 \)

Lambakis Law firm

 Working position - Office administrator, Secretary-Assistant \(2011-



Westlaw advanced certificate 

LexisNexis Proficiency certificate



 I can communicate difficult and complexed matters to individuals

 Confident and articulate communication skills

 Persuasive speaker

 Speaking in public freely

 Competent presentation skills

 Excellent negotiation skills

Team working

 Commitment to team with the ability to contribute

 Accountable to the members of the team

 Helpful

 Work efficient and maintain good relationship with others

 Share the loads of the work to get the job done faster

Problem solving

 Able to cope with pressure

 Maintain composure in difficult situations

 Solve problems under pressure

Management skills

 Demonstration of leadership

 Leadership and organisational skills

 Run a team and delegate roles


 Fluent Russian \( Both written and oral \)

 Fluent Greek \( Both written and oral \)

 Fluent English \( I\.E\.L\.T\.S\. 6\.0\) \( Both written and oral \)

Personal Characterisation

 Integral and stable

 Passionate and hard working

 Open to new learning

 Cope with changes

 Effective time management and organisation skills

 Competent use of IT, Microsoft Office, internet\.

 Patient and understanding

 Good presentation

 Active and innovative

 Efficient and productive

 Tendency for betterment






Student of Business administration from the Royal Holloway University \( distance learning \)

Foundation of laws from DEI college in Thessaloniki, Greece


I love Reading and watching movies


Available upon request

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