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We are looking for a AU PAIR/NANNY/CHEF/HOUSE KEEPER/Unskilled Labour and driver from Any Country that can speak English.. Willing to Work in United State About me. I'm Mr Patrick Am a military man, I have two kids. That is why am seeking for the above post for you applicants. I will be attending to all Applicant. and other information about You will be forwarded to My agent. SALARY/WAGES ARE BELOW......... AU PAIR/NANNY: $2200 Monthly, weekly allowance (220) DRIVER: $2260 Monthly weekly allowance (240) CHEF: $2120 Monthly, weekly allowance (180) HOUSE SITTER: $2100 Monthly, weekly allowance (150) You shall have a private accommodation with furnished bedroom and also a private bathroom. A Fixed Telephone and Internet. Send us your references or resume, Should the outcome be positive, we would send you an email and discuss travel arrangements in due course of which I would be of generous assistance to you. You can send me your resume to my email address at or