For sale Unique collectible with rocky movie collection in Larnaca

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For sale Unique collectible with rocky movie collection in Larnaca. Unique and very rare opportunity to buy 3 pieces of Rocky movie collectibles. 1) Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece line of 12-inch figures, the Italian Stallion himself, Rocky Balboa! Each 12-inch Movie Masterpiece figure features Hot Toys' fully articulated 12-inch figure body and a generous number of accessories. These are some of the finest 12-inch figures ever created, featuring incredible likenesses and amazingly detailed costumes. Condition: MINT. Importantly it has never been opened! Value: a quick search online will soon show that this particular item is the jewel in the crown in this unique offer. An identical item was sold on in 2014 for $799 USD in 2014. Originally bought for approx 200 euro 2) Mc Farlane 3D Movie Poster of Rocky. In its original packaging. Again very rare to find. Most sold, are without outer packaging. Again this has never been opened. Estimates on wider market place: between 120-150 euro. Originally bought for approx 30 euro. 3) 1-6-Scale-Rocky-12-Inch-Resin Statue by Schomberg Studios. This item compliments the collection. Box has been opened, polystyrene holder has been damaged through taking statue in and out of box, the studio has not set a limited number for production and can still be bought quite easily. Brand new with postage and packaging for approx :200-250 euro, depending upon supplier. It was originally bought for 180 euro. The resin statue on offer is in MINT condition. It is a wonderful accompanying item for the other two. TOTAL: 700 + 120 + 80 = 900 euro Please feel free to contact me to discuss and please research online also to see the potential in such a collection. Look forward to hearing from you!

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