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For sale MICROLAB K 360 HEADSET RED. Two stereo 40 mm drivers for reproducing clear sound with impedance of 32 Ohms. The heaphones features circumaural or in-ear cups for passive noise reduction function. This enable pure sound to reach the ears without much interference from outside noises. Line-in microphone lets you chat online with your friends or family. Large headband provide comfortable support during use. Ear cups are made of durable PU material for prolong wear. The headband is wide and fit most head crowns with side length extension for different head size. The sides also can be bend inwards to allow for small frame storage space. Connects easily to most media devices, and produces perfect sound for your gaming thrills, emotional movies, rhythmic music moves, or relaxing soothing music. 50 mW of pure sound reproduction Circumaural headset type for passive noise reduction Two stereo 40 mm drivers for clearer sound Adjustable length, and lightweight headband Foldable sides for small size storage PU ear cups for comfortable wear Ear cups pivoted on its axis for comfortable wear Ideal for digital multimedia playback devices such as Mp3, Mp4, Media Players, CD/DVD/Blu-ray player, tablet, smartphone, and PC/notebook Additional 3.5 mm stereo jack allows another headphones to be connected. This daisy-chain function lets a second listener to plug in and share the music entertainment. Lightweight and durable headset for comfortable wear and use.