For sale Fashion vodka luxury collection 70cl in Famagusta

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For sale Fashion vodka luxury collection 70cl in Famagusta. Every so often, a product appears on the market and instantly positions itself in a class of its own; a product of remarkable character and fine qualities; a product with the pedigree of a leader. FASHION VODKA Luxury Collection is such a product. Filtered through centuries of intangible heritage, FASHION VODKA Luxury Collection breathes new life into a once closely guarded recipe dating back to 1783. A recipe that was then reserved for the select few, now delivers a pleasurable vodka for connoisseurs around the world. 70cl-27euro , 1litre-34euro , 1.75 litre-50euro , 3 litre-100euro send email :[email protected] We send to all cyprus with travel express for extra 3 euro