consulting by crypto investments (Bitcoin,Ripple,Litecoin,Ethereum and so on), accounts in crypto exchanges,set up a wallets

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Consultation and support individuals and companies to invest/build Portfolios in crypto currencies... When the whole world invests in the future, the blockchain technology will change the world which we live in only a few years, disrupting already financial sector, transport, supply chain industry and so on. In 2017 the crypto currency market had exploded in value: a currencies like Ripple (XRP) jumped well above +55 000%, many others raised 10 000/20 000%. I'm a blockchain developer and offer full support in the investment process: opening an accounts in exchanges (approving process and consultation how to deposit fiat (euro/usd/uk pound) or crypto currency, how to set up a wallet and move the crypto currencies to the wallets (web wallets, cold storage wallets or ledger hard wallets) - full support and information about blockchains and investments in them. Twitter: finsnews LinkedIn: