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Delta Quest Group is looking to employ a Compliance/AML Officer for its Limassol offices who will be able to undertake and diligently perform the following duties and responsibilities:

- acting as an AML Officer for the Employer;

- assisting to perform Compliance function for Employer’s portfolio of clients comprising CySec and internationally regulated investment and financial firms, who outsource their Compliance Function to the Employer.

- assisting the Employer’s clients with designing, drafting, finalizing or correcting compliance related documentation, including, inter alia, internal procedures manuals, customer acceptance policies, conflict of interests and risk management policies, policies and procedures related to the prevention of money-laundering and terrorist financing, etc.;

- liaising, where required, with relevant licensing and supervisory authorities and ensuring that statutory reporting is made on time and in a required format;

-  evaluate compliance issues/concerns and assess compliance risk within the Employer’s client’s organization and ensure that the organization is in compliance with statutory laws, rules and regulations;

- liaising with the Employer’s clients and assisting them in going through a process of obtaining a required investment/forex/financial license;

- drafting annual written reports to the Employer’s Board indicating in particular whether the appropriate remedial measures have been taken in the event of any deficiencies;

- training and educating the staff of the Employer in respect of the compliance procedures according to the applicable Law;

- communicate the relevant statutes of the Internal Operational Manual to each employee and notify them of any relevant changes therein that relate to his/her role and responsibilities;

- liaising with external and internal lawyers and auditors

- University degree in Law;

- At least 3 years of professional experience as a compliance officer;

-  Successful completion of Ministry of Finance exams with qualifying certificate;

- Experience of working with CySec;

- Knowledge of MiFiD and CySec directives governing financial companies;

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