Chrysolite & Moonstone for sale in Paphos Cyprus

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EFFECTIVELY DETOXIFICATION OF THE LIVER, HEALTHY HEART AND BALANCED MIND WITH COMBINATION OF CHRYSOLITE AND MOONSTONE Chrysolite had kept Moses from harm (according to the Bible). It is one of the 12 gems of which are built the walls of the Holy Heavenly City, described in the Book of Revelation. Chrysolite is used for healing from thousands of years. Combination of Chrysolite and Moonstone has been used in Tibetan medicine – it removes the effect of stress on the autonomic nervous system. The energy field of stones improves the performance of the adrenal glands and regulates the production of adrenaline. Thus, it balances the operation of the heart muscle, effectively removes toxins from the liver, releases tension from the body, normalizes blood pressure and improves metabolism. Stimulates the absorption of nutrients through impact on enzyme system. Place it in the morning for 10 minutes on the solar plexus and in the evening - 10 minutes on the navel. Bundle includes about 250 natural raw crystals. Care: Once per week put it under a stream of cold running water for 10 seconds. Do not break the stones! The broken stones lose their healing power!