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We’re looking for an enthusiastic Public Relations (PR) Executive to manage the relationships between our brands and external parties. To put it mildly, the work you do will provide a face for all our brands in as much as you will be the one to project this “face” of our brands. Your work in promoting our brands via third parties and will be instrumental in enhancing our brands’ popularity and trustworthiness. One of the main attributes of the PR Executive we’re looking for is for them to be an exceptional communicator. You will need to possess creativity and knowledge of different tactics to identify and engage the appropriate target audience. Your main goal is to build a strong communications network around brands that will ensure a good relationship with our brands’ client-based, potential clients, partners, and rising awareness of our brands. PR Executive Duties • Devise creative public relations strategies that fit our brands’ profile • Develop effective PR plans using appropriate strategies and tactics • Create a reviews plan (rp) that includes forecasted costs and expected website hits. Your RP will see you provide a series of reviews sites that will house positive reviews in relation to our brands. • Organise and coordinate PR activities • Create a media plan to promote our brands on a range of media buys websites such as,, etc. • Use a variety of channels (blogs, trading websites, emails, press, internet etc.) to maximise our brands’ exposure • Liaise with your marketing colleagues to ensure consistency in promoting our brands’ corporate image • Arrange for interviews or public speaking events and construct press releases • Advise the management of our brands on handling sensitive public issues to preserve reputation • Assess opportunities for sponsorships and other partnerships and manage relations • Analyse results of PR campaigns or efforts and prepare reports The expansion of our company continues! If you think you're awesome enough to fit in, drop us an email attached with your CV to [email protected]