For sale Mining box 27th/s asic bitcoin miner in Limassol

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BITCOIN MINING BOX: 27TH/s 2X - Antminer S9-13.5TH/s 2X - Bitmain’s APW3++ 2X - CENTRALION UPS LINE INTERACTIVE 2200VA =================================== Description x1 S9: Hash Rate: 11.5TH/s, 12.5TH/s, 13TH/s, 13.5TH/s & 14TH/s, depending on batch. Variation of ±5% is expected Power Consumption: 1127W (11.5TH/s batch), 1225W (12.5TH/s batch), 1274W (13TH/s batch), 1323W (13.5TH/s batch), 1372W (14TH/s batch) (at the wall, with Bitmain’s APW3 PSU,93% efficiency, 25°C ambient temp). Expected discrepancy of +10% Power Efficiency: 0.098 J/GH +10% at the wall (with Bitmain’s APW3 PSU, 93% efficiency, 25°C ambient temp) Rated Voltage: 11.60 ~13.00V Chip quantity per unit: 189x BM1387 Dimensions: 350mm(L) x 135mm(W) x 158mm(H) Cooling: 2x 12038 fans; Front fan: 6000rpm, Rear fan: 4300rpm Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C Network Connection: Ethernet Frequency: Automatically set =================================== Profit of mining bitcoin: Hour: Ƀ0.000082 Day: Ƀ0.001973 Week: Ƀ0.013809 Month: Ƀ0.059181 Year: Ƀ0.720030

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